About us

  Mountain View Mushrooms is here to supply your favorite restaurants and markets with 100% farm-fresh gourmet mushrooms. Everything is grown in the small town of Hawley, Pennsylvania.

  It started out with a simple mushroom grow kit from Walmart. With this kit, Hunter Vargo, the owner and founder of Mountain View Mushrooms, "MVM," for short, was able to grow his own bunch of blue oyster mushrooms.

 "There was something very satisfying to being able to grow your own produce and then discover all the simple yet tasty ways you can prepare these mushrooms in a dish or by themselves. " - Hunter Vargo.

  This sparked Hunter's interest in mushroom cultivation and led him to try and replicate the growing process starting from scratch. Lots of trial and error accrued, but eventually, mushrooms emerged. With this abundance of supply Mountain View Mushrooms LLC was formed.
  Mountain View Mushrooms' ultimate goal is to offer as many people as possible the opportunity to try these specialty mushrooms as they truly do provide a distinct taste and texture to your dish. Along with that goal, we want to offer easy to make  recipes to assist you in your mushroom cooking endeavors.